Dr. Ing. John P. Pritchard

Dr. Ing. John P. Pritchard (male) Phd, Civil engineer, is a transportation researcher at the Centre for Transport Studies of the University of Twente in the Netherlands interested in the social impacts of how transportation systems are organized and on the interactions between the accessibility of areas, personal mobility and inclusion in society. He is currently attached to the ASTRID project (astridproject.com) focused on analyzing accessibility to jobs from an equity and social justice perspective in the Netherlands, the U.K. and Brazil.

Dr. Pritchard holds a B.S. in civil engineering and conducted doctoral research primarily focused on transport-related social exclusion. John Pritchard was Doctoral Researcher, MIT Portugal (2011 – 2015). He holds a B.S. Civil Engineering, from Northwestern University and a M.S. Transportation, MIT Portugal Program (Instituto Superior Técnico). He has published several papers in the topic Social Exclusion and Transportation and the Impacts of Social Networks on Mobility. His Phd dissertation was entitled “The impact of daily mobility and public transport access on social exclusion in an urban setting”. Additionally, Dr. Pritchard has collaborated as Visiting Researcher in Urban Transportation (DUSP) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is interested in travel behavior, transport poverty, social exclusion, social equity, public transport and non-motorized travel behavior.